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Equal parts form, function, and style, Darran offers intelligently designed seating for the modern professional environment. Focused on stunning craftsmanship and comprised of quality materials, Darran’s Uplift, Daydream, and Heartfelt guest seating solutions synthesize beauty with ergonomic forms, contributing sophistication and practicality to the areas of your firm where visitors arrive. These three chair suites each bring unique aesthetic qualities to your office- Uplift, with its curved split back, showcases gorgeous curved wood that seamlessly flows into its upholstery, provides visual charm through its non-traditional pairing of wood and fabric. Daydream, a classic-form reinterpretation of seating that truly welcomes the ‘guest’ through valuing their presence with steam-bent ash craftsmanship, and finally, Heartfelt- which marries the softness of beautifully-crafted full upholstery with its smooth and refined wood base. Each of these three seating forms radiate something special, going above and beyond the average concept of ‘guest seating.’ Truly designed for the discerning firm, take a moment to imagine what they might add to your space, and we look forward to an opportunity to provide them to your office.


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