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Concepts: the Hub

Starting the new year off with the right approach is paramount to lasting success throughout the rest of the year. Many studies were conducted during the return to our offices last year, where many working people were asked about their work/life balancing techniques during the pandemic- and most employees stated that the need for professional spaces was directly linked to their productivity. Here in early 2023, all offices have an opportunity to reinvent their approach to shared office space in general, and there is a lot of great research that indicates some interesting patterns shared across many different kinds of workplaces.

Firstly, the need for a professional ‘hub’ is unanimous in most modern workplaces. This area describes the conceptual ‘heartbeat’ of the office, and these spaces are made such through a combination of layout and furnishing choices present. National Office Furniture’s Kimball International label has offered many insightful concepts on this topic, most importantly regarding furniture that lends itself to these hub areas where connection and collaboration commonly occurs. Adequate seating, perching locations, eclectic and fun pieces, and much more all contribute to workplace health, where socializing, casual comfort, and professionalism all converge to create inviting and welcoming spaces for workplace harmony. Take a moment to explore these thoughtful concepts, and imagine how a redesigning of your own office’s hub could improve it in the new year. When you’re ready, we look forward to designing something great with you in this new year of 2023.


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