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Improved for 2022, National Office Furniture’s Collette Lounge is more capable than ever to provide your guests and coworkers with home-like comfort within your professional space. Pairing plush, residential relaxation with commercial durability, Collette Lounge offers modular seating solutions that offer inviting, great places to collaborate. Through the use of lifestyle-driven design, Collette synthesizes the concept of guest accommodation with the warmth and coziness associated with being in a welcoming home. Easy to rearrange and strong enough to host guests over and over again, Collette’s dozens of pieces have been designed to encourage interaction. Specifiable with many features and options, Collette Lounge provides various leg styles, and materials in tons of different finishes- more features include pieces with sloped or straight arm styles, built-in power options, and ganging abilities for more permanent arrangements. Couches, chaise lounges, corner seats, ottomans, several table styles, and more- Collette provides abundant variety and ensure the possibility for a personalized feel within your firm, and seemingly limitless fabric and upholstery choices allow for the best expression of your business’ style. Take a moment to explore the great designs Collette can provide, and when you’re ready, we look forward to designing something great with you.


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