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HON have revealed their innovative new collection of mobile storage solutions- introducing Class-ifi. Promoting the concepts of flexibility, inspiration, and creativity, Class-ifi offers the capability to move storage pieces around the educational environment at will. This simple idea has great implications- no longer is an activity tethered to one area of the classroom. Class-ifi’s design ‘encourages healthy movement throughout the day,’ and features many different pieces that all share a playful yet solid design- storage cubbies, lockers, bookshelves, tote storage, and much more all come together to enhance the learning environment. Each Class-ify piece has been created to include many thoughtful features, including bookcases with nooks on each sides, coat racks, and movable shelves- and every piece in the collection can be specified in a wide array of exciting colors and vibrant finishes. Take a look a the collection, and imagine how its pieces might elevate your learning environment. We look forward to designing something great with you and HON’s Class-ify.


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