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Chatham Cove

AIS presents Chatham Cove- a work lounge collection of lightly scaled work areas. Functioning much like the traditional private office, Chatham Cove’s pod-like design utilizes a relatively small footprint to provide comfortably sized, secluded zones that can be specified with ample options such as integrated power, storage, and additional fabric panels to create a personalized experience. Chatham Cove’s different sized partitions combine the comfort of home with the professionalism of the office by providing smaller areas that blend into the larger room. Through the use of freestanding, self supported structures, Chatham Cove offers the ability to collaborate, focus, and concentrate in relaxing, sound-dampening ‘cove like’ units that are available in many different laminate options, three different heights, and in left, right, and back surrounded models. The pieces can be arranged in various patterns to achieve many aesthetically pleasing layouts that integrate with your firm’s existing floorplan. Take a moment to explore what the collection might add to your office- and when you’re ready, we look forward to designing something great with you and AIS’s Chatham Cove.


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