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Calibrate Community

Continuing the legacy of their very successful Calibrate line of benching, AIS’ newly upgraded Calibrate Community is here to furnish open plan workplaces with a refining of the already great design. Now enhanced with more of the "efficient designs that make more with less," Calibrate Community now offers even more options for versatility within zones of the office. Some of these new features include sliding workspaces which are still connected to the central Calibrate spine, allowing for easy on the fly collaboration without the use of conference rooms- more abundant upper and lower storage options, and multi-tasking hutches, to name just a few. Calibrate’s signature design that utilizes natural boundaries to establish personal space without compromising access to power and data sources remain a crucial part of the Community, yet now demonstrates even more thoughtful and ergonomic qualities that promote efficiency and, in doing so, invites an individual’s best work through spacial comfort and well being. Calibrate Community’s specifiable options are abundant, aimed to achieve the most suitable set ups for your specific firm- so have a look at some possibilities. And when you’re ready, we look forward to collaborating with you and AIS’ Calibrate Community.


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