• Mason Inc.

Calibrate Community

AIS introduces Calibrate Community, a stunning new workplace solution designed to create inspired spaces for both individuals and teams within an open plan office environment. Featuring clean design lines and thoughtful ergonomics, Calibrate Community’s minimal yet capable arrangements provide a refined, user-friendly atmosphere that allows for personal zones within larger collaborative spaces. The main design concept behind Calibrate Community is the use of a central laminate spine that travels the length of the area, providing equal, convenient access to power and data ports for all users of the system- with abundant storage and other structural possibilities above and below the spine. Easily modifiable through a wide range of panels, partitions, and helpful features like marker boards and cabinets, Calibrate Community exudes a sense of permanence, offering comfort and familiarity to the space and increasing efficiency for those within it. Many great looking laminates, woodgrains, leg styles, and other design possibilities exist to provide a personal, versatile experience, and excellent features such as sliding tops allow for immediate workspace conversion for on the fly collaboration. The amount of custom specifications and design options within the Calibrate Community are abundant- what can this excellent system do for your professional space? We look forward to the opportunity to design something great with you.