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The AIS Calibrate Series is a comprehensive suite of furnishings for the contemporary office. Whether transforming an entire open plan office setting or simply upgrading a private office, conference area, or anything else around the professional zone, Calibrate is filled with options to enhance your environment. Calibrate’s capabilities are vast- and the wide range of design options include a huge selection of finishes, surface styles, materials and storage solutions to make sure your new set up fits your work style adequately. Height adjustable worksurfaces, tons of different benching solutions and collaborative zones, and a vast array of tables, credenzas, and more provide your business with all the ingredients necessary for a maximum reflection of your firm’s identity. Another feature of Calibrate’s excellence is its ability to integrate with other AIS systems already in place within your office- providing the sustainable design you’d expect from one of the top companies in the commercial furnishing industry. Best selling AIS collections such as Oxygen, Matrix, and Aloft are all able to smoothly come together with Calibrate, ensuring a long lasting investment that can age with your business. Take a moment to explore Calibrate’s possibilities- we look forward to designing something great with you.



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