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JSI’s newly revealed Arwyn Collection of lounge pieces, guest seating, and tables has arrived. Designed for JSI by CSD Studio, Arwyn’s soothing modern stylings are sure to enhance a wide variety of interior spaces and provide a beautiful synthesis of form and function that you can admire over and over again. With a succinct design approach of clean lines and approachable, modest stylings, Arwyn’s pieces are inspired by residential comfort, creating a relaxing ambiance through design lightness that summons balance through the use of negative space. The strength of the collection lies in the pairings of its pieces, as the couches, recliners, ottomans, and side tables, when combined, all share a cumulative theme that brings entire rooms or zones within a larger environment together. “Welcoming, timeless, and elegant,” Arywn’s use of beautiful woodgrains and sleek metal supports pull from retro influences and modernize them with functional beauty. Contemporary features such as built in power connections and ergonomic comfort allow for their purposefulness in a wide range of settings- lounge environments, collaborative zones, conference areas- all brought together through Arwyn’s aesthetics. Many design options are possible, including great looking upholstery choices, quilted back possibilities, and metal/wood material choices. Arwyn is a strong and timeless collection from JSI to end the year with, and we look forward to designing something great with you in the new year.



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