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AllSeating's Exchange

AllSeating’s new modular seating system is here- introducing Exchange, designed by AllSeating with Nick Gillissie. Exchange is a thoughtful and extremely versatile solution that satisfies seating needs across many different environments with just seven component pieces. What’s strong about this collection is it’s adaptability- Exchange’s pieces can be combined in so many different ways that a total of 180,000 possible configurations exist. The solutions are infinite- and comfortable, without sacrificing durability. This collection aims to provide zones that encourage collaboration, using the furniture to create interesting spaces for the exchange of ideas and information. By providing an enormous potential for flexibility through it’s innovative design, Exchange invites users to move about the its pieces and choose how to best utilize them. This kind of individual freedom comes only through great design- and with so many customizable options, modular systems like Exchange are timeless due to their adaptability. Imagine what Exchange can do for your office- and let's design something great together.


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