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Agora Olea Collection

Rouillard’s Agora Collections never disappoint- and the Olea suite is no exception. Featuring beautiful solid woods and two different base styles, Olea’s excellent and thoughtful design allows for these large conference tables to feel like they are much smaller, lighter, and less commanding through their usage of fine design lines that create a a sleek, minimal silhouette. The gorgeous metal base allows for the extruded top to appear floating, which puts the focus on the table as an inviting place to collaborate instead of a heavy piece of furniture to gather around. Agora Olea is available in four different size options, and are technology-enabled for the modern workplace. Timelessness will never go out of style, and Agora Olea is a strong and sophisticated choice for conference room furniture. Imagining what your office would feel like with Rouillard’s Agora Olea? Our designers can help bring those ideas to life- we look forward to helping you invite Rouillard design into your workplace.



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