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Agora II Elite + Olea

Brand new from the always impressive Rouillard are the Agora II Elite and Agora II Olea- refined, new editions of their successful Agora tables. Expanding on the success of the original Agora tables, Agora II Elite features an immediately recognizable design simplicity- the confident top paired with the clean, rectangular profile of the legs provides a solid and sophisticated surface to accomplish a variety of tasks at. Agora II Elite is available in a variety of different sizes, and some models can be specified with a knife edge surface and included power ports, ready to complete everything from conference areas to work zones, classrooms, and more.

Agora II Olea is a new take on the conference table. Strong and commanding, yet light and unassuming, Olea boasts a beautiful wooden top with attractive ‘O’ shaped legs- combining artful lines with a graceful presence. Easy to assemble a team around, Olea has been designed to complete meeting rooms. Pairing function with aesthetics, a panel can be added to the inside of the table’s legs to efficiently contain cables and power ports, helping to preserve the modern feel of the series. Single and double length versions of Olea are available to ensure spaces of all sizes can benefit from the great design. Take a moment to explore the excellence within Rouillard’s new versions of their Olea tables, and when you’re ready, we look forward to designing something great with you.


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