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a Decade of Staks

First introduced in 2010, Staks has evolved to become an industry standard, valued for its highly successful ability to provide spaces that ‘support the way people work, rather than dictating it.’ The shift from private offices to shared, open-plan environments inspired designers Pam Light and John Duffy to create the now world famous Staks collection, whose success is largely attributed to its ability to make people comfortable while they work. Contributing to high levels of user satisfaction and business productivity, and featuring a vast array of worksurfaces, storage, and much more, the minimal footprint yet maximum customization of Staks explains its continued success across all kinds of work environments. Featuring near infinite specifications and ’to the inch customization,’ Staks has found a home across corporate, healthcare, entertainment, and hospitality environments since its inception ten years ago. The incredible user-friendly options such as height adjustability, abundant storage, and wide spectrum of material, color, and texture choices has helped Staks to become one of the more ‘artful’ systems on the market, and its timeless presence and durability has much to do with its prominence in workplaces. Now more capable than ever, Staks continues its legacy into the next decade- and we look forward to helping bring it’s prestige to you and your office.


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