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The designers at KFI Studios bring us Zoso- a bold barstool that combines a visually elegant mix of strength and beauty. Zoso’s unique silhouette is intriguing and memorable- the combination of smooth curves and sharp lines creates a visual dialogue that is both curious and inviting. Zoso’s high-brow aesthetic qualities are matched by its superior materials- the soft, high-density molded foam seat offers luxurious comfort and the carbon steel frame provides durability without compromising style. This creative combination of tough materials with smooth shapes yields a highly versatile and attractive seating solution that does well in just about any environment- offices, educational spaces, lobbies and waiting areas, even at home. Rarely is a barstool so exciting- with this offering, KFI have combined strong design with strong materials- a pairing that ensures timelessness and the capability for long term, continuous use. Available in three different faux leather colors, Zoso’s powerful looks can bring a fresh new feel to your space- and we look forward to helping make that happen.



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