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OFS introduces ROOM- a new suite of freestanding pods for the modern office environment. ROOM offers soundproofed, privacy-focused areas that exist within larger spaces. Several ROOM models are available in various sizes, and each feature an interesting and thoughtful design approach that introduce new spaces in your office to focus and conduct individual and collaborative work within ROOM’s intimate pod design. ROOM’s sound dampening partitions are made from recycled materials, and each model includes a futuristic airflow system and an innovative motion sensing, energy efficient lighting program. Depending on your firm’s needs, ROOM is available in several sizes, each with their own specifications and customizable details. The larger ROOM S for small groups, Focus Room, intended for private office use, and the quaint Phone Booth for individual soundproofed needs are all part of the collection, and each feature modular details that can be customized with a wide variety of personalized touches. Take a moment to explore OFS’s ROOM, and imagine how these dedicated quiet areas could enhance your office. When you’re ready, we look forward to bringing the collection to your firm.


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