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SAFCO’s Resi Collection of modern office furnishings offers a sleek and purposeful approach to nearly every aspect of the professional environment. From shared collaborative zones, to conference areas, private offices, open-plan settings and more, Resi can provide beautiful and useful casegoods that invite new levels of productivity through thoughtful furniture. Resi offers a new approach to the office- clean lines and sophisticated design are spread across a wide array of storage, tables, and seating to provide a cohesive look and promote design harmony across all areas of your firm. Through the use of versatile pieces such as bistro-height storage units that double as collaborative workstations, Resi’s multipurpose approach to furniture creates various sections throughout the office without the use of walls and doored divisions, promoting a free-flowing space that is aesthetically pleasing to be inside of. Subtle details such as tapered legs, knife edge tops, and hidden power/data ports make further use of the suite to enhance efficiency. Take a moment to explore the vast transformative potential that Resi can bring to your space, and when you’re ready, we look forward to designing something great with you.


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