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Responding to the commonness of ‘nomadic’ patterns around the modern office, Darran Furniture introduces Nomi- an innovative and creative seating collection inspired by the concepts of mobility and agility. Nomi offers a futuristic seating solution- the pouf-style contour stimulates the eye and mind with its unusual shape and invites with a place to sit, perch, and lean. Nomi’s hidden casters allow movement across the professional environment, and the trestle rest details create a delightful place to interact. Available in many wonderful textures and materials and in bar height, counter height, and ottoman sizes, Nomi’s versatility is matched by its high degree of function- and best of all, it offers form, intrigue, and beauty to the workplace. Take a moment to explore the collection, and imagine how Nomi might transform your firm. We look forward to an opportunity to bring this exciting collection to you.


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