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Global Furniture Group’s Moda seating series can make a beautiful improvement to your interior environment's aesthetics. Designed by Save Cvek, Moda’s clean lines and comfortable ergonomics make a great addition to educational spaces, workplaces, and more. A wide array of material and leg options exist that can significantly transform Moda’s presence, such as different leg styles and finishes, textile options, and armcap materials, to name a few. Each of the three different shell finishes are elegant and provide a lot of finesse and versatility in matching with existing interior design within your environment- and the aluminum base provides a good looking contrast to the shell design. Adding casters to Moda’s star base is another functional feature that extends even more capability to the series, inviting classroom or training environment potential. Finally, Moda with the sled base is perfect for seating large groups, and the space saving dolly brings even more convenience and portability to the thoughtfully designed collection. Classrooms, training areas, flex spaces and more can all benefit from Moda’s multiple styles and functionality- how could the series upgrade your work environments? We look forward to the possibility of designing something great with you and Global’s Moda.



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