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The consistently stunning European furniture house Pedrali presents Jeff, their newest in modular sofas.  Needing little visual introduction, Jeff’s immediate form and presence speaks for itself- highly unique plush curvatures meet with such a low profile that Jeff appears to float within the space. Jeff’s “harmony of volumes” is comprised of its oversized seat and backrest, providing inviting and long-lasting comfort while remaining both visually timeless and futuristic all the while. Designed by Patric Norguet in Italy, Jeff’s various pieces can be configured and rearranged by use of small hidden hooks, allowing for many different set-ups and ensuring a spanning arrangement around your space. Perfect for lounge areas, greeting spaces, collaborative environments, private offices and more, Jeff’s uniqueness offers cozy respite paired with high-designed elegance. Follow the link below to explore more of the collection and imagine how it might transform your office- we look forward to an opportunity to bring Jeff to your firm.


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