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HON introduces Cofi, their newest in executive seating. Cofi comes from the Kane Design Studio, and has already made a wonderful first impression- it won a Gold Award at NeoCon 2022 last month. With Cofi, HON have provided a great looking chair that communicates elegance through their high-back and mid-back models- entitled Executive and Managerial, respectively. Premium materials, polished aluminum arms/base, and detailed stitching combine to provide an immediately recognizable great design, and lasting ergonomic comfort through the use of three user-friendly controls allow you to feel your best while sitting. Cofi offers a chance to elevate the professional feel of your workplace, and is specifiable in many different materials, fabrics, and finish options to ensure a proper design synthesis with your company’s style and aesthetics. Take a moment to explore HON’s Cofi, and when you’re ready, we look forward to bringing Cofi into your office.


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