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JSI Furniture’s new Caav Collection of lounge furniture is an excellent union of form and function that offers great potential to improve the look and feel of your existing environment. Designed by Justin Champaign for JSI, Caav is a complete collection featuring freestanding furniture and workspace enclosures that unify open plan spaces while simultaneously providing smaller, separate spaces too. Caav’s soft fabrics and curved edges evoke calmness and serenity to the modern office by inviting feelings of home and inspiring a cozy ambiance around the workplace. The collection features a mix of different kinds of furniture- couches and modular sectional pieces that host several people for collaborations, smaller nesting zones and individual desks, media areas for small presentations, and more personalized Caav pods that offer solo zones without the feeling of separation from the larger room. Caav’s success is found in the comfortable mix of collaborative and individual zones through harmonized aesthetics. Despite the different kinds of areas provided, Caav’s cumulative design language unifies separate zones for a complete feel, and the addition of thoughtful extras such as built in power, coat racks, tablet arms and more further provide helpful details that make work feel easier. Like what you see? We are thrilled to help bring Caav to your office, and we look forward to designing something great with you.



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