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JSI presents Cāav- a collection of calming workspace enclosures and lounge furniture. Cāav provides cozy, comfortable zones within a larger open plan office- the soft furnishings, pods and enclosures create individual areas for focus and concentration, softening the hum of the larger space around it without the use of rigid walls, doors, or partitions. Designed by Justin Champaign, Cāav’s single and shared lounge offerings provide restful, light zones for focus and collaboration alike. Featuring curved, plush contours, Cāav’s freestanding and modular seating areas, sectionals, desk pods and shared booths all contribute to the residentially inspired feel of the collection by offering attractive places to nest down and collaborate with others. Many useful features such as integrated power and data ports, desking surfaces, lamps and coat racks further decorate Cāav with helpfulness, and the soft, rounded contour of the wooden legs present within the collection add warmth and beauty to the overall feel of Cāav’s pieces. Many different fabric, material, and specifics are offered to ensure the most fitting Cāav experience for your firm- and we look forward to creating wonderful, professional spaces with you and JSI’s Cāav.



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