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Special T presents their newest series of tables- introducing the Zia Collection. Zia combines artful, intelligent design with function and versatility to furnish many different areas of the professional environment- private offices, conference areas, training environments, and more can all benefit from the wide-ranging shapes and table styles offered within the collection. Designed for Special T by J.Robert Bazemore, the aim was to combine adaptability, practicality, and style to create surfaces perfect for the modern office, with specific attention to spaces that foster collaboration. Spanning across many different styles, Zia is offered in a wide array of different materials, finishes, and base materials, and the collection even includes several credenzas to provide even more style and function around the office. Not limited to just office workplaces, Zia is a perfect addition to educational institutions, hospitality environments, and residential spaces too. Take a moment to explore what Zia has to offer, and we look forward to an opportunity to design something great with you and Special T’s Zia Collection. 


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