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AllSeating’s You Series is here to help improve the health of our bodies and our workplaces. Often overlooked, ‘the chair is the single most important part of a healthy work environment,’ and the ergonomic experts at AllSeating have created better chairs that help us ‘Sit Fit.’ While working, we spend so much time sitting that its easy to forget how gradual problems like spinal decompression and fatigue negatively impact our productivity but also our general morale. Thankfully, AllSeating’s You Series of midback, highback, stools and guest chairs are here to facilitate healthier posture through improved chair designs. Available in both a nylon and an aluminum back, You offers unparalleled support to our bodies, lifting us into healthier posture and supporting the lower back with exceptional lumbar support. You’s U- shaped back contour is easily adjustable to provide a gentle cradling of the body- avoiding stress on the bones we use while we sit, which in turn, opens up our chests and relaxes our shoulders. The results are amazing- better posture helps our bodies feel more capable, while improving collective workplace health through better attitudes, more energy, and increased productivity. You is available in many different textures and upholsteries, beautiful leathers, and a variety of different base styles and finishes. Hats off to AllSeating for helping us take care of our bodies through advanced seating design. We look forward to helping bring Allseating’s You to your body and workplace.



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