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Scandinavian Spaces introduces Rut- a highly anticipated, brand new sofa series that debuts this month. Winner of Interior Design’s 2023 NYCxX Design Award in the contract sofa category, Rut’s (pronounced ‘root’) exceptional modular design has arrived with accolades of many kinds. Rut’s square shape is build on a steel frame that rests on blocks of wood, creating an airy, light design while emanating a solid and strong presence. One of the most impressive design attributes of Rut is its versatility- Rut sofas can be arranged and combined in a wide variety of configurations, including back to back, left or right L shapes, and double wide positions- and can be easily rearranged and added to over time as your space’s needs change. Blurring the line between work and home, the cozy and modern feel of Rut offers a touch of relaxing residential energy to your environment. Take a moment to explore this highly sophisticated and elegant collection, and we look forward to the opportunity to bring Rut to your firm.


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