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The long-established commercial heavyweights at National Office Furniture have recently partnered with Etc., an exciting new brand of on-trend workspace furniture. With Etc., tons of new expressive furniture solutions are offered, designed to express individual style and identity through a curated, modern aesthetic. Self identified as ‘statement furniture,’ Etc. offers a dynamic array of pieces inspired by what’s ‘in’ worldwide, offering the excitement of colors, rapidly changing trends, simultaneous retro and futuristic influences, and above all, a decisive effort to blur the line between personal and professional style. Fully capable to enhance or redesign every aspect of your work or home environment, the wide ranging versatility in the offered collections have it all- cozy seating options, eccentrically designed desks and tables, quirky private office gear, industrial themed stools and mixed material casegoods, sleek lounge and brainstorming atmospheres, Etc. pretty much checks all the boxes in maximizing the wide ranging looks that they offer. We are pleased to be able to help bring these eclectic, great designs to you and your environment- lets design something great together.



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