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Versteel's Arvo

New from the Versteel laboratories is Arvo- an exquisite and sharp looking table designed for Versteel by Roberto Lucci. Elegant yet strong, Arvo’s purpose as a gathering and meeting surface is accentuated by it’s inviting design- strong lines converge with tapered wooden legs to provide a very capable table without sacrificing strong aesthetic beauty. Inspired by the triangle, through what Versteel determines as the “strongest shape in architecture,” Arvo’s exposed metal frame draws its power from counterbalanced lines that meet at three points underneath. A great mix of form and function is achieved, and the possibilities for application are vast due to its versatile style set. Arvo is available in many different surface materials, from powder coated metal options to wooden edged tops, formica options, and in many different veneers, just to name a few. Versteel’s proprietary V Charge is also an option with Arvo, offering high tech wireless induction charging options for capable devices. We look forward to collaborating with you to realize the perfect Arvo solution for your environment- let us know how we can help.


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