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Group Lacasse’s Apéro

New from Group Lacasse under their Arold label is a thoughtful new lounge chair entitled Apéro. Featuring modern design sensibilities, Apéro is a sleek and hip chair well suited for guest environments, relaxation areas, private offices, and waiting rooms. Apéro’s tube style design and elegant central post support echo many of the wonderful retro aesthetics from many decades of the past. By combining the cushiony seat with the polished chrome base, a unique synthesis of old and new design is achieved. Apéro is durable too, with hardwood reinforced junctions that can withstand the test of time. A huge array of upholstery options are present, including supple leather and a giant spectrum of other colors and materials, and two-tone possibilities exist as well. Apéro can also be specified in 4 legged models. Paired with many of Arold/Group Lacasse’s wide spectrum of side tables, Apéro can be a wonderful addition to your office environment. Another strong release from these reputable labels- here at Mason Inc. we look forward to discovering ways that Apéro can enhance your work environment with style and comfort.


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