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k.™ bench Height-Adjustable Benching

Winner of the Best of NeoCon Silver Award, KnollOffice’s brand new height-adjustable benching system has arrived. Introducing k. bench- pioneered by the reputable Antenna Design. k. bench’s thoughtful ergonomics present a great addition to a workplace due to its simple yet extremely versatile design. Doing a lot with a little, k. bench offers a compact workstation solution by allowing side to side or back to back users the ability to raise and lower their workspaces, which positively contributes to a much healthier workday by reducing body fatigue. Focused on the user experience, the k. bench is easy to adjust and can even be programmed for consistent heights every time. Additional height adjustable surfaces can easily be added onto the k. bench due to its central spine, which offers a stable, continuous trough that allows for all power and data cables to be completely hidden. Available in many different dimensions and in different finishes and materials, k. bench also features the option for privacy screens of many different textures that further add a degree of privacy and style to the user experience. Similar to most everything that is released under the KnollOffice label, the k. bench is nothing short of fantastic- and we would be thrilled to help bring it to your office.


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