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As the modern office shifts towards a more relaxed setting, our furniture becomes more residential too. Enter Kyla, JSI’s new collection of stools for the workplace. Designed by Thomas Pedersen, Kyla’s simplistic design reflects its function as an ergonomic seat that can be used in a variety of environments. Whether getting work done in a common area, pulling up a seat for an informal meeting, or taking a break at a cafe zone, Kyla’s clean lines and enthusiastic color splashes can provide lots of use all around the workplace. Available in counter height or bar height, Kyla is offered in many different finishes on solid ash or in several different plastic seat colors, and can also be specified with upholstered pads for extra comfort. Saying a lot with little surface area, Kyla’s metal legs can be specified in vast rainbow of powder coated colors for maximum expression, easily accenting any room’s existing color palette. A wonderful new collection from JSI- let us know how we can assist you in thinking about what Kyla can do for your office environment.


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