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Agora Credenza Collection

From the excellent Rouillard comes the Agora Credenza Collection- a sophisticated, modern solution for storage, organization, and increased modern ambiance within your workplace or home. Available in a wide variety of styles, the Agora Collection has many design options to ensure the best furniture for your space- you can determine and select from many features such as drawer placement, door positioning, and the option of internal bookshelves- not to mention a wide array of width, depth, and height options to ensure the perfect fit in your environment. Rouillard’s clean and crisp design lines convey professionalism, and the option to include the Self-Supporting Media Wall can transform the Agora Credenza to a whole different realm of function as a great looking and useful centerpiece. Leg options come in four different finishes, and the possibility for casters on pedestal units allows for increased mobility and easy repositioning. Curious about how the Agora Credenza Collection can improve your space’s organization? We look forward to the discussion.


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