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Height-Adjustable Benching from Aloft

AIS’ Aloft Benching system is an award winning open-plan office system designed to adjust and evolve. Equally perfect for work environments large or small, Aloft can transform the office by maximizing the ergonomic experience of each individual worker. By providing a matrix of unified, productive zones comprised of integrated solo spaces, Aloft’s height-adjustable tops promote healthy sitting work posture, and abundant personal space provides comfort while accentuating privacy. The multiple worksurface shapes offered within the Aloft collection are groundbreaking and versatile, and the motorized or manual adjustments of Aloft’s desk surfaces can create a stunning 120 degree worksurface while still offering the traditional forward-facing experience. Thoughtfully designed power and cable management allows for hidden cords- promoting legroom and reducing cable clutter- and many different fabrics, materials, finishes, and extra options are available to ensure great design that harmonizes with your company’s aesthetic. Aloft’s vast potential can bring a whole new experience to your office- we are excited to help you envision the many design considerations that can help elevate your work experience.


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