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Introducing Rouillard

We are very pleased to announce the addition of Rouillard to our list of vendors. Since 1978, Rouillard has furnished contemporary products for the workplace environment with a focus on fresh aestheticism and user-friendly functionality. Their sophisticated, skilled design principles combined with their rich experience in the industry has established Rouillard as one of the leading manufacturers in the furniture realm. Based in Quebec City, Rouillard’s dedication to producing high quality furniture solutions that are as comfortable as they are stylized is evident in their impressive scope of products- each piece offered exudes elegance without sacrificing function. The intelligent furnishings that Rouillard provide can most definitely assist in transforming your workplace to higher levels of professionalism- and we at Mason Inc. are proud to offer such visionary goods. Take the time to view their collections, imagine how they could enhance your space- and let our team help bring these designs to life.

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