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Inspired by the human body’s form while walking, Versteel’s Paces Table is a wonderful furniture solution for a wide variety of different applications. Educational environments, conference rooms, training areas, dining locations, and more- Paces offers exceptional versatility and does so through thoughtful, ergonomic design. The side-by-side welded legs offer a distinctly modern look, yet also allow for better weight distribution. Improved strength and stability does not mean a heavier table, though- Paces is exceptionally light and maneuverable. Part of the advantage that Paces offers is the easy to use handle that allows the tabletop to tilt upwards for convenient, nesting storage when the Paces is not in use. Many different shapes can be achieved by connecting the tables together through bracketing hardware, and Paces tables offer hidden power and data capabilities for added wire management. Available in a variety of dimensions, Paces is also offered in round and square shaped models, all featuring welded side-by-side legs. Many different materials and finishes are possible- we look forward to helping specify the best Paces solution for you.


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