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Nevers' Leeza and Rio Madera Tables

Nevers have recently expanded their Leeza Collection of contemporary collaboration tables to include the new Rio Madera Live Edge Table. These beautiful tables feature stunning woodgrains from a variety of different wood species, including ash, cherry, mahogany, maple, oak, and walnut- all of which are available in a variety of different stains and finishes. Furniture makers have known for centuries that the natural elegance of woodgrain is both sophisticated and inviting, and Nevers have utilized this timeless truth to provide gorgeous collaborative surfaces that double as fantastic centerpieces to the rooms they occupy. New to the Leeza Collection are the Rio Madera Live Edge Tables, which feature 90 degree live edges of the wooden top, grains and all, instead of Leeza’s knife edges. Rio Madera tables showcase a natural ‘waterfall’ grain pattern and are selected from premium wood samples, communicating simplicity and a return to the purest, most refined form of table design. The heavy metal angled table bases provide spacious legroom without distracting from the beauty of the wooden surfaces, allowing for a great pairing of materials that strengthen the visual appeal of the collection. Available in 42” or 30” models, different shapes, and in several base styles, Leeza and the Rio Madera Tables can bring a new dimension of beauty and professionalism to your workplace.


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