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AIS' AO2 Panel Systems

“Practicality never goes out of style.” One of AIS’ most established and long-running furniture collections is their AO2 Panel System- a classic and functional suite of highly adaptable panels famed for their sensibility and value. Whether utilized as stand alone partitions or as a complete office system, AO2’s versatility has proven itself for many years. The seemingly unlimited array of offered worksurfaces, accessories, finishes, and material options has helped establish AO2 as a permanent fixture in thousands of spaces, and the various panel heights, widths, and window details has further strengthened everything from private offices, clustered work areas, training zones, and open-plan environments of all kinds. The useful power and data capabilities and very practical acoustic dampening qualities have helped to cement AO2’s timeless utility- and AO2’s affordability without compromising quality will continue to evolve its legacy for many more decades to come. Curious how your office might benefit from AO2? We look forward to collaborating with you to help design your office environment’s next look with AIS' AO2 Systems.


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