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Coming Soon- Bodi Stools from KFI

The always impressive KFI Seating are about to release an exciting new series of stools for Spring 2019 with their introduction of Bodi. These flattering, impressively designed stools are quite the visual treat- their balanced and inviting contour communicates a stylish and sophisticated appeal that welcomes all. Bodi’s seat features a unique concave shape that has been crafted from contoured beech plywood, and its dish-like design allows for many different seating positions, providing versatility without sacrificing comfort. Bodi's strong, balanced feel is achieved through the dialogue of the friendly wooden seat with the confidence of its black, powder coated steel frame- beautiful, light, and firm at the same time. It appears that Bodi’s wooden seat will be available in three different stained finishes, and upholstery options will be available as well. Great for community spaces and break areas, yet dashing enough to be featured in prominent areas as well, Bodi will no doubt add great design qualities to our spaces later this year. Another wonderful addition to the KFI collection and an exiting reason to anticipate more strong releases like Bodi from KFI in 2019.


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