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Evergreen from Carolina

OFS’s Carolina have brought us a brand new seating collection- Evergreen. Immediately stylish and recognizable, Evergreen’s relaxed and vintage visual appeal communicates invitation and comfort. Primarily designed for lounge areas and shared public spaces, Evergreen’s lounge chair, loveseat, and sofa can bring an elegant touch to spaces such as lobbies and waiting rooms, yet are warm enough to enhance comfort in settings like private offices and home environments. Featuring beautifully stanced ash wood legs that are available with optional powder coated metal ferrules, Evergreen’s sophisticated yet friendly design profile creates a fresh appeal in any room. The many different upholstery choices and arm cap styles within the Evergreen Collection amount to a huge variety of available customization- a great indication of quality and timelessness. Another wonderful addition to the Carolina label, and hopefully the first of many excellent OFS pieces for 2019.


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