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Global's Princeton Collection

Global Furniture Group have recently strengthened their legacy with the addition of the Princeton Collection. Featuring over 1000 components that can be combined for almost endless possibilities, the Princeton Collection is a fully modular suite of almost completely free-standing furniture that was designed to maximize individual work styles, “making you feel like ‘you’ when you sit down.” Doing more with less, Princeton’s flexibility is its strength- all of the many modular pieces are easy to move around or to reconfigure if needed. Many of Princeton’s pieces offer multiple uses in effort to both conserve space and facilitate ergonomic usage, for example, Princeton benches feature underneath file storage, and many return pieces contain small storage cubbies below. This extremely versatile collection is a perfect fit for many different environments, such as open-plan commercial spaces and corporate offices, but also well adapted to satisfy small businesses, home offices, and other smaller settings. Available in over two dozen laminate finishes, the wide variety of Princeton’s customizable details and design choices ensure a great fit in your workplace, and the timeless look and feel of Princeton will continue to perform for years to come.


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