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Wixler Side Tables

New from National Office Furniture are the Wixler Side Tables. These stylized, expressively modern occasional tables are a great addition to a variety of spaces, including waiting rooms and lobbies, private offices, and even home environments. Wixler’s nuanced, stylized designs are available in a variety of different sizes, shapes, and surface materials. The practical, functional appeal of these tables can add sophistication to a variety of public and private spaces, and the wide array of surface options, including veneer, laminate, painted glass, Corian, and even upholstered tops ensure a smooth integration with the specific atmosphere of your environment. Wixler is available in five different shapes, and the act of combining different table shapes and heights to achieve a nesting effect can add a residential-like comfort to your space. Another excellent offering from National, who produces consistently great collections over and over.


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