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Edventure from Global

Global Furniture Group’s Edventure Series enhances the educational spaces of today with traditional styles of yesterday. Featuring a classic, rectangular design, Edventure features student desks, study carrels, teacher desks and storage lecterns that showcase sophisticated aesthetic qualities yet are durable enough to survive many school years of continued use. All items within the Edventure Series are designed to furnish many different educational spaces with fluidity- classrooms, lecture halls, labs and other spaces are all unified by the pieces’ space-saving footprints. The multiple sizing options of all Edventure furnishings allow for the perfect fit fin the environments they serve, and the added utility of casters to may of the Edventure pieces further provide easy rearrangement for educational spaces. The Edventure Study Carrels can provide an individual place to focus, and can also be linked together for study areas that share USB and power without cable clutter. Meeting budget demands without sacrificing performance, Edventure is offered in many different laminates, finishes, and metal base options- further customizations include optional underneath book boxes, shelves with LED lighting, and storage shelves in many of the lectern and study carrel models. With so much variety and potential for customizing, Edventure can certainly upgrade and modernize your educational spaces- we look forward to discovering the ways we can make that happen together.


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