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Empower Benching from HON

Following the current styling of today’s open-plan offices, HON have revealed a wonderful new benching system of custom workspaces titled Empower. Smart, discreet, and scalable, Empower is a very sleek and adaptable solution that assists to meet the demands of your growing business. Featuring long, interconnected tables with efficiently routed power supplies, Empower fits more people into the work areas in your office without compromising style or privacy. Maximizing productivity, a wide array of available screens divide adjacent workstations from each other, while each user retains the luxury of abundant personal space that promotes their individual work styles. Empower is highly adaptable too, easily reconfiguring to meet the changing needs of your business through rearrangement or through the addition of more work benches. Many different laminate and paint options allow for the complete expression of your business’ style, and many of HON’s storage options fully integrate with Empower to provide a complete look and feel. Whether your furniture needs are small or large, Empower is an excellent solution to doing more with less.


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