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Indie Lounge

Jasper Group Brand’s newest collection of lounge furniture has just been announced- introducing Indie. Stylish and relaxed, Indie provides the comfort and looseness of a residential setting and applies those aesthetics to the workspace lounge environment. Plush cushions that are available in many different upholsteries, including classy leather options, combine with beautiful maple, walnut, cherry and white oak wooden legs to create many different customizable pieces for this collection. Indie offers great looking one, two, and three-seater Leg Lounge couches, including functional rocker-style chairs and inviting Low Lounge pieces that meet the ground for a quick, relaxing seating experience. Many other excellently designed pieces are a part of this collection too, including a variety of smooth and useful tables, ottomans, and poufs, all which can accommodate portable power and USB functionality. Freestanding screens and wall tiles can be added to complete the uniform look within your lounge area, further providing the home-like feel to your professional environment. We look forward to assisting you in making your workplace more charming and comfortable with the Indie Collection.


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