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Introducing the Muvman Series

Gone are the days of cumbersome, traditional stool seating. What 20th century stools lacked in ergonomic posture and aestheticism have now been modernized by Via Seating for this 21st century- enter Muvman! Patented Flexzone technology allows weight to be supported in whatever position chosen, allowing proper support without causing pressure points on the user’s body. Providing 360 degrees of movement, Muvman is healthy, comfortable seating- “sitting as it ought to be.” Muvman’s sleek looks have already earned Via Seating international design awards, and many people choose them over other modern office chairs. Available in many different looks, Muvman is also offered in medical and factory styles and in a tall-height style that can reach up to 36”. Offering freedom of movement when you want it, how can your workplace benefit from the excellent design and smooth, healthy ergonomics offered by Muvman? Let us help you discover the answers.


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