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Collette Lounge

Stiff and uninviting lounge furniture is the worst way to welcome guests into your workspace, so National have delivered Collette- a lush and relaxing new collection of residentially inspired furniture. As today’s commercial environments move towards the aestheticism we seek in our homes, Collette helps bridge that gap with this lush and design-rich collection of seating and tables for our offices and lobby areas. Many different lounge pieces are available to design the custom look you desire- several two and three seat lounge pieces with corner attachments and ottomans can be combined to achieve the perfect environment for your guests. Classy end and magazine tables further complete the tranquility that Collette can summon to your space, and many different material choices, including beautiful woodgrains and rich fabric or leather upholstery options, will elevate your lounge to the next level. Show your guests how pleased you are to welcome them your office with Collette.


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