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Via Seating have unveiled their Oyo Series of contemporary seating products and they are awesome! Modern and expressive, Oyo is immediately recognizable for its avant-garde style, using ergonomic curvature to cradle the user in a completely new way of sitting. Via states that Oyo is “the world’s first combination of saddle seat, shell chair, and rocking chair” making it an innovative new approach to sitting down. The technology utilized here is quite unique and can add an expressive statement to offices, conference areas, libraries and other educational settings, and can certainly add flare to home environments too. Encouraging the user to sit forwards, backwards, or sideways, Oyo’s seamless design allows a slight bouncing movement that adds an extra element of utility to an otherwise static seating experience. Hidden foam padding makes sure Oyo is comfortable, and the two different material options, microfiber or living felt, ensure a custom experience with several great colors to choose from. Make a statement in your environment with Via Seating’s Oyo!


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