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Tessera from National

Finding the perfect look for your office can be challenging, but thanks to the furniture experts at National, the Tessera Series is here to help bring your space into the next level. Blending modern minimalistic atmosphere with the traditional desk and storage set up, Tessera’s use of sleek horizontal lines and angular refinement amounts to a crisp, sophisticated look for the office. Tessera is modular, and features many different design pieces that can be added to fulfill the custom needs of the user while remaining unified by a cohesive look. Not limited to the private office, Tessera also features reception furniture that continues the use of creative shelving. Further additions such as creative shelving and clean-edged side tables further complete the harmonious continuity through your workspace. Available in many different finishes and laminates, with extra options such as varied leg styles and glass/metal capabilities, Tessera is fully equipped for the modern workplace. Height adjustable options and classy wall-hung panels further accentuate this wonderfully designed collection, and Interior Design Magazine has named it one of the Best Of The Year Honorees. How can Tessera refine your workplace? We would be pleased to help you find out.


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