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STAD by Group Lacasse

Open plan workspaces of today require furniture that helps these spaces feel as open as they are. Introducing STAD, by Group Lacasse- a balanced, ambient, and crisp collection of furniture that includes adjustable height tables, modular soft seating, and poufs that enhance the relationship with airy, open rooms that we share with our colleagues. Shared work surfaces with asymmetrical connections promote dialogue, and collaborative zones harbor the potential for real connections and on the fly teamwork. Easy to reconfigure, STAD’s material combinations invite calm, vibrant atmospheres to the office, and when needed, privacy-oriented zones allow for concentration and independent working through the use of fabric screens and soft, cushiony poufs that allow a home-like feel. Promoting comfort in the office is the goal, and STAD accomplishes this with modern-minded elegance through great design and light feeling forms. Many customizable options are available to ensure the most well-suited fit for your office’s preference. Lacasse have managed to reinvent the open plan modern workplace with STAD, once again demonstrating their expertise in the industry.


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