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Via Seating's Zee

Seating is a never ending need that of many of our professional spaces constantly deal with. Whether accommodating small groups, visiting guests, or just having surplus seating around for whatever comes up, a reliable multipurpose seating solution is a good thing to have. Enter Zee, from Via Seating. Strong and stylish, the seven available poly shell colors can be combined with five frame styles for a complete, custom experience. Stackable, Zee requires little space but offers lots of possibility. Integrated arm supports flow smoothly from the open back design, allowing for hours of comfort if need be, and additional upholstered seat pads are a customizable detail that can offer extra flair and comfort. Rolling casters, stool height, or classic sled style, Zee is available in four different finishes including the beautiful natural beech wood- a classic, artful look that integrates form and function. With so many options to utilize, how can your collaborations be enhanced with Zee from Via Seating?


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