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SitOnIt Introduces Movi

SitOnIt Seating have recently unveiled one of their newest products, the Movi Nester. Continuing on their already great nested seating options, Movi is quick and easy seating solution for impromptu meetings or portable conferences. Ultra-lightweight and stylish, Movi is unique in that its very comfortable- Movi distributes weight and pressure evenly in ergonomic ways that facilitate long-term seating if need be. Quickly set up and broken down, Movi’s seat flips up to join other Movi chairs when not in use, allowing for compact storage and easy portability due to its rolling casters. The flexible hip support that Movi offers accommodates up to 14 degrees of mobility, a game-changer compared to many nesting chairs that are rigid, harsh, and generally uncomfortable. Available in 12 mesh colors and several different base and back colors, Movi’s friendly design will no doubt add a useful, light touch to your environment.


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